Downloadable Starter Forces

These are a list of pre-made 10 card warbands that you can download and use to play games of Force of Virtue in the Eternal City. These are only samples and as such you would need the decks themselves to expand upon these warbands or make your own.

Lo Straniero di Ferro

A mysterious stranger with a strange accent appeared on the Palatine two days ago stark naked. He pulled a Forza knight off his steed and demanded “I need your armour, your boots and your horse.”

Soon after he annihilated a guardhouse of the city watch and was heard saying he has been sent from the future to find Rodrigo Borgia and terminate him.

Decks Featured Condottieri, Born to Battle, Born to Battle

The Iron Stranger is quite literally a one man army, no single unit will be able to stand against him. However be careful as a savvy opponent will attempt to tie up the iron stranger in combat while other troops achieve the objective. You will have to focus on using the stranger’s prodigious combat power to win the field rather than achieving the objective

Don Diego Del Mar

Since their conversion to Christianity in the time of the great Cid Don Diego del Mar’s family have raised their blades in the name of the crown of Castile.

Despite this long service there are those that still mistrust his family for its Moorish ancestry. However none can dispute the skill of him and his Escalodores. Many a fortress in the Reconquista fell with Diego’s men streaming up their scaling ladders and over the walls.

Now at the behest of the king he fights a much subtler war, a scalpel to remove “problems” in the Eternal City that threaten Castilian interests.

Decks Featured – Spanish, Born to Battle, Renaissance Man

Diego Del Mar’s warband is small and has strong defensive capabilities. Due to the special rules of the Escaladores and the high stock of Virtue attached to Diego it is unlikely you will be burnt out of Virtue even if you put Diego into combat. You can use your javalineers for harassing the enemy, as a reserve and for hunting objectives. Careful as the warband lacks armour penetration

The Blades of St Angelo

The Papal Guard is a fanatical bunch at the best of times. But those known darkly as the Blades St. Angelo are a special breed. A band of fanatical madmen commanded by the Konstaffler Uli Weiss. When not causing indiscriminate bloodshed they are used by the Papacy to resolve tasks others might consider distasteful. Among the ranks of his fighters number the Papal headsman Gregor Entz a fanatical sadist easily whipped into a frenzy by fiery rhetoric capable of chopping enemies into bloody chunks with his axe. Uli Weiss also never goes into a fight without his “gift” what he claims to be a fragment of the true cross gifted to him by the Pope himself. Many claim it’s just a splinter from a dung cart. But none dare say that within earshot of him or any of his men.

Decks Featured – Swiss, Fires of Faith, Dogs of War

The fanatically high faith of Uli’s men gives them great speed and flexibility in maneuver and combat. The reliquary should provide a steady stream of Rally actions to increase the fanatic’s faith and keep your virtue reserves high as well as allow you to use Uli in combat. You should also be able to use that supply to burn virtue to reroll wound saves as well. As the warband lacks armour and armour piercing capabilities.