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Every physical product comes with a free download of a PDF of the Rulebook

For getting started you’ll need the rulebook and at least one copy of a nation deck and a few models. The system is model agnostic but we have a few third party suggestions in the description of the nation decks.
If you want to jump in with style you can get our starter box! With dice, tokens, rulebooks, two nations decks, character decks and scenario deck!

For a game of Force of Virtue your Nation deck provide you with the faction and troops you will play!

Character Decks add flavour to your warband, making them dastardly mercenaries, religious fanatics, noble knights or sons of the Renaissance.

Scenario Decks allow you to create dynamic scenarios for your games of Force of Virtue with weather effects, crumbling buildings and cunning stratagems.

Want advice on what deck might suit you best?

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