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Force of Virtue is a fast-paced skirmish wargame set in Rome during the rise of the Borgias. Grow and shape your warband as you lead them in daring raids across the ruined landscape of the Eternal City.

Use cards to choose your troop’s equipment and training strategies and lay hidden traps for your opponent. Command your troops with the virtues of prudence, audacity, speed, and fortitude, and grow your warband as you triumph.

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This PDF version includes the tutorial missions and more diagrams for the rules!

Force of Virtue is a skirmish wargame for 1-20 models set in Renaissance Rome during the rise of
the Borgia. Use cards to choose your troops equipment, training strategies and lay hidden traps for
your opponent. Command your troops with the virtues of prudence, audacity, speed and fortitude
and grow your warband as you triumph.

In this book you will find…
• Information for setting your games in Rome in the time of the Borgias
• Rules for playing the game.
• Instructions for building a unique force of mercenaries that are tailored to your playstyle
• A scenario generation System
• 3 campaign modes to play with your friends

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The year is 1492, Europe stands at a crossroads and Rome burns as a new Pope is being chosen, a
Pope that will change the course of history.
A new world beckons. A world of science, of fire and paper, paintings, gilded cities of republics,
mercenaries and tyrants.
The monarchs of Europe once shackled by reliance on their nobility now use banks to hire armies
that are under their control alone, making their power now absolute.
Against this tyranny the city state republics of the German and Swiss free cities array stubborn
bands of citizens, grim and merciless to stand against old and new alike.
The old world shall not die easily, the nobility is strong, like their steeds bred for hundreds of years
for one purpose, war. They walk as gods over the battlefield, striding over the skulls of their foes.
Mercenary captains grow fat sucking off the wealth of their employers and the plunder of the land,
cunning snakes, more adept at intrigue than arms.
Rodrigo Borgia now stands poised to take the Papal throne. If he succeeds in liberating the papacy
from the influence of the warlord families that control the ruined city of Rome, he and his allies will
have the power to choose in which direction the great wheels of progress churn, or even stop them.
Freedom or Tyranny, revolution or tradition, rationalism or fanaticism, it all hangs in the balance.
Yet however you wish to take up arms against fortune and make your mark upon this burning world,
you will do it through Force of Virtue!

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