Cavalry Update: Improved Movement Templates

As some of you know our cavalry system is going to have template-based movement. This means as a cavalry player you will need to think like a real rider, planning your movement based on your current speed! Better-trained horses are be able to make tight turns at faster speeds and change gaits as well as cool sideways moves, sudden stops and pivots. The basic version has an option for paper movement templates, but we wanted something fancier, check these out!

3D-printed Movement Templates

We really wanted the movement templates to be easy to use. Luckily historical martial arts have left us knowing a treasure trove of talented human beings.

We contacted our friend Asante who is an excellent martial artist and engineer! What he’s showing is a trot template movement section. As you can see it has a maximum turn radius as well as a slider for maximum and minimum movement distance!

We really wanted the template-based movement to be easy to use and these do all the work for you, making the placement of the models simple and fast, but still giving the wheeling nail-biting action of cavalry combat.

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