What have our Designers Been up to?

Some of you might be wondering what our Design team has been up to in the last few weeks and why they have been uncharacteristically silent!


Jack has been busy doing stunt work and riding shows. Including reenactment cavalry shows with Timetrotters and a major Roman film project he’s not allowed to talk about!

He’s also been working on the cavalry rules and fine-tuning the movement template system!

Jack as a late Roman Cataphract in Oudenburg Belgium


Meanwhile, Sam has been budged from his lair in Monaco to follow the massive model of the town of Gradara on its grand tour to gaming festivals, including San Marino and Modena Play.

He has been tasked with playing games on the brilliant model to test the siege campaign and upcoming siege deck sampling Italian sun and cooking! It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

Sam and the Mayor of Gradara receiving a prize in San Marino for best game of the festival!

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