How to get Started

what you will need

This post takes you through what you’ll need to play Force of Virtue and how to get it.

  • A cool warband idea
  • Some models
  • Some terrain
  • The Rules
  • Cards, Tokens, Dice

Your Warband

In Force of Virtue most warbands are not great lords, but freelancers, adventurers or vigilantes taking on jobs or following their own private agendas.

Mustering your Models

Generally in Force of Virtue knights and characters (called Capos) are bought singularly and groups of mercenaries are bought and outfitted in groups of three via cards taken from your nation deck(s). We suggest singular basing on 1″ base, square or round doesn’t matter. Generally for most warbands a box set of plastics for under 30 Euro will set you up for 2 or 3 forces! If you prepare a knight or banner, 3 mercenaries with halberds and pikes and 3 with guns or crossbows generally have a pretty simple and flexible base to start from. If you are short on models or don’t like painting, start with a single knight and give him a bunch of scary cards to make him a Johann Wick style badass.

Go nuts!
Force of Virtue plays in the shadows of history so you can go as crazy as you want with your warband’s concept.


Paint as You Go
We generally suggest getting a few cards worth painted and then painting up more as you add cards to your warband over the campaign.

Force of Virtue you are playing your own mercenary warband independent to any of the great houses so you don’t have to follow any particular colour schemes. There are also no standardised uniforms so your warband could all share the colours of the warband’s heraldry or wear whatever they want. The three colours you rolled during your warband’s creation often create a nice pallet to start with though. If you don’t enjoy

Your Table

Force of Virtue plays on a 2×2 foot table so you need a minimum of terrain to get started. The setting for your games could be a contested farm, some ruins that hide roman artefacts, the back allies of Rome, crypts, a roadside Inn or palatial gardens. Anything really works. If you’re really stuck there’s lots of free printable paper terrain on the internet.

What Next?

Download our tutorial scenarios, free starter warbands, tokens and printout standee models from our website here.

Either buy a single Nation Deck which comes with a PDF of the rules and use your own tokens. You can get our Pikeman’s Bundle, which has a nation deck, rules, dice and tokens.

Get one of our box sets with a wealth of decks tokens, dice and cool accessories. If you need models try this one.

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