Warband in a Tin

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Outside of models this box set includes everything you need to start playing Force of Virtue and more! High quality specialised tokens and dice, 2 nation decks! 2 Character decks! Scenario Deck and rules! This lets you start playing Force of Virtue with style!


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This box includes 18 plastic miniatures sculpted by the Perry miniatures plus magnets and foam insert to turn your tin into a carrying case!

This starter box lets you play the heated struggles between the rising Borgia papacy and the mercenary warlords like the Orsini and Colonna who ruled the ruins and villas of Renaissance Rome. Command the mercenary companies tasked with the shadow war that will decide the course of European history.


  •  A5 Colour Rulebook
  • 2 x Cardboard Rules Reference Cards
  • A Renaissance style letter envelope for storing your warband’s cards
  • 36 High Quality Printed Cardboard Virtue Tokens
  • 12 D6s in the 4 colours of the Virtues (not custom dice)
  • Swiss and Condottiere Nation Decks
  • The Saints and Sinner pack which includes the Dogs of War and Fires of Faith Character Decks
  • “Rise of the Borgia” Scenario Deck
  • 1 Sprue of Perry Miniatures European Mercenaries (12 Miniatures)
  • 1 Sprue of Perry Miniatures Men at Arms (6 Miniatures)
  • 18 x 25mm round bases
  • 18 magnets
  • Foam inserts to create interior compartments

Do I need this to start playing? No! If you want to use your own colored dice and tokens you can easily get started with a single nation deck and the PDF rulebook, but this box is to let you play the game in its full glory with hard plastic tokens, custom dice, and a good selection of decks.

See the Cry Havocs unboxing video here!

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