Condottieri Deck


For use with Force of Virtue the Game, this deck allows you to build a customized band of Condottieri mercenaries for daring raids in Renaissance Italy.

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The condottieri’s primary tools are subterfuge and cunning, but they also sport strong knights from the noble families of Italy and have access to a variety of weapons. 

Other nations may attempt to win through brute force or skill at arms, but for the condottiere war is not a contest of strength but of guile. When fighting a condottieri trust nothing and no one, things are rarely as they seem.

  • Strengths – Variety of logistics cards, Honour Cards for knights, and Intrigue Cards.
  • Weaknesses – Sources of Virtue, Special Weapons Cards, Honour Cards for Mercenaries

If you are based in the UK you can also find this product here.

For Miniatures we suggest the Perry Miniatures European mercenaries box and the European Armies line. One of the plastic box sets should make at least 3 warbands. Their War of the Roses line can be useful for billmen who were also popular in Italy.

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