Nation Deck – Swiss


For use with Force of Virtue the Game, this deck allows you to build a customized band of Swiss mercenaries for daring raids in Renaissance Italy.

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God protect us from the wrath of the Swiss! Grim disciplined bands of mountain men, well equipped with gun and pike and raised to war!

The mightiest nations have tried to overcome the citizens of the Cantons, and they have all choked on their own blood. Grind your opponents into dust as your force acts together in deadly clockwork efficiency.

  • Strengths – Honour Cards for mercenaries, Virtue Cards, Strategic Cards, Equipment Cards for mercenaries.
  • Weaknesses – Few buffing cards for capos, limited access to equipment cards for capos.

If you are based in the UK you can also find the deck here

For Miniatures we suggest the Perry Miniatures European mercenaries box and European Armies line. One of the plastic box sets should make at least 3 warbands.

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Dimensions 6.6 × 9.1 × 1.9 cm


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