Road to Monsterberg: Curse of the Mad Princess



Plumb the lethal mysteries of Central Europe in the time of knights and castles

This is can be played as a standalone sandbox setting or as part of the Road to Monsterberg series.

A beautiful woman in the garb of an army camp followerWelcome to the 15th Century! The year is 1456, and you have reached the busy, cosmopolitan western heart of Silesia. The great commercial center of Breslau, torn by internal religious strife, is being challenged by a mighty prince. The ruthless Margrave of Brandenburg, Albrecht ‘ Achilles’, has sent a powerful mercenary company, allegedly ‘to restore order’. Just across the mountains, the new knight -King of Bohemia is swiftly consolidating his power. He is well-liked, and widely admired for his competent military leadership and knack for compromise. There is only one problem: he is a heretic, already excommunicated by the Pope, and accepting his rule will put everyone here into the same dangerous situation.

Your ally and patron, a powerful Duke, wishes to prevent war and help keep the situation under control, but his power is limited on this side of the Great Cutting. Here you must roam the misty forests and lonely roads of Lower Silesia, as well as the bustling cobblestone streets of Breslau, and its wild party district, the Venusberg, on your own. It is up to you and your intrepid associates to plumb the depths of the mysteries, unmask the villains who stalk the land and sew discord among the people, and perhaps in the process, find wealth and status for yourselves.

A knight in heavy armor standing before a brick wallThis part of the Sudetes mountains is called the Riesengebirge, the “Giant Mountains”, so named after the famous mountain spirit known as Krakonos to the Slavs, and Rübezahl to the Germans. Some say that he is responsible for bringing chaos into the troubled border with the heretic kingdom of Bohemia,

where murders once again plague travelers and soldiers alike. Others whisper of a cult, dedicated to the restoration of the power of the ancient mountain God, or perhaps someone else. Someone with more sinister plans altogether.

The third and final chapter of the Road to Monsterberg, Curse of the Mad Princess, is a historically based adventure module, designed for use with the Codex Martialis historical combat system. It is the third and last of a three-chapter series, but can also be played as a stand-alone adventure. It comes with new historical maps of the region, towns and castles, as well as detailed descrip

tions of 16 towns, 7 castles, and 16 rival factions. There are markets with equipment and prices, standardized and specific NPCs and both random and planned encounters. Three different rumor tables, 18 new NPCs, hand-outs and mini games, a system for reputation, and even some optional mass-combat rules. It is intended for 4-7 characters of levels 5-7, made for a low-magic, historical setting, with elements of occult horror thrown into the mix.

This is an immersive, fast paced, dynamic adventure,

a tower overlooks a forested valley


which your characters can really sink their teeth into. As tension and fear build, the Codex rules allow them to apply their most devious fighting tricks and strategies to defeat perilous enemies from the history books, and from the legends right out of the fairy tales of centuries past. If you are looking for a world that feels real enough to be dangerous, but is still remote enough for great adventures, The Road to Monsterberg is your gateway to a historical reality which is stranger than fiction.


This module is made for Codex Martialis, but is adaptable to Pathfinder, to 5e or to various OSR systems, or to other games such as Mythras or even Call of Cthulhu. It is designed to be Low Magic and mid-to low-level play, but is highly customizable, so that GMs and players can make it their own. Take a step to a realm just adjacent to the fantasy genres you know so well, but also very different. Full of surprising twists and turns that are fresh and interesting fodder for gripping gameplay.

Entrance to the Dungeon

This module works as both a sandbox, with resources sufficient for multiple adventures, and also as a structured wilderness campaign and short ‘dungeon crawl’.


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