Stara Szkola: Core Rules + Adventure


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It is the 1500s, your free city is at conflicts with local Noblemen. You and your comrades have been sent to a river outpost as sentries to watch for attack, but things soon get out of hand. How will you and your friends fair?

Stara Szkoła is a game designed for people who enjoy a dynamic, vivid combat experience, where martial choices and daring ideas affect the narrative without relying on a limited set of pre-determined options.

This is a toolbox that promotes the portrayal of fluid and exciting fights, and allows players to affect the outcome of combat even out of turn. It gives you a language and a grammar of strife, in which every brawl or skirmish is unique, tense, and dramatic.

The rules of Stara Szkola focus on bringing the same sense of agency and immersion you feel when your character is walking down a shadowy corridor – right into every fight you face…. With a fight being just as easy to jump into as any other role playing situation.

This book begins with combat, which is at the core of the system, and then provides rules for character generation, equipment, non-combat interactions, and an introductory adventure. It has everything you need to play, whether you are the Game Master or a player.

Stara Szkoła was designed and tested by Historical European Martial Arts practitioners and researchers, who know something of the cunning martial arts of the fencing books of the middle ages – and the world they came out of.

If you want to walk the streets of the fencing masters, and test your mettle against the dangerous denizens of the medieval world, Stara Szkoła is your ticket to a place you never knew before, and may never want to leave.

SSk includes:

  • Complete combat rules.
  • Melee and Missile weapons with their traits and costs.
  • Shields and Armor with their traits and costs.
  • Miscellaneous equipment and currency.
  • Complete point based Character generation with 6 classes, and 26 Skills.
  • Rules for non combat situations
  • Sample adventure with maps, NPCs, and four pre-generated PCs.

SSk is very similar to Codex Martialis, just simpler, and is compatible with the rest of the system with small adjustments. It does not include magic but that will be forthcoming in another supplement (as a simpler ‘SSk’ version of Codex Superno). SSk does not include Martial Feats but there will also be another small supplement with the SSk equivalent, called Fighting Traits.


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