The Spada Treasure – Episode 2: Decoding the Statues

Tune in this week for episode 2 of the Spada treasure campaign sent in to us by one of our players Evan Callaway. Last episode a professor turned up in a tavern drunkenly spouting about the legendary lost treasure of the Spada cardinals. You managed to get your hands on the professors journal detailing the location of the treasure.

The Scene

You retire and start to review the journal, it’s full of random notes and sketches. None of it makes sense or is particularly suspicious until you run across a page with a sketch of a statue and some weird gibberish around it. Perhaps a code of some kind. It seems familiar but you can’t remember why. Later that day it comes to you, something your latin professor had mentioned in between beatings for you not being able to find Ciceros verbs. Ceasar had used a cipher, an easy one at that, just rotate each letter forward 3 times. So A became D and B became E. You had even used it to carve dirty messages about the serving girls into your desk with your dagger or insults about your tutor and Cicero. In a few minutes you manage to decipher the code. It describes three statues commissioned by the Spada in a public square that bear traces of a map meant to allow the Spada who survived the Borgia’s murder spree to find where the treasure was buried.

You quickly find the statues and go to check them out. You head back to get your guys kitted out in case there’s more trouble and leave Gianni as lookout in case anybody shows up. You return to find Gianni snoring contentedly against some broken Roman masonry and the warband from the other night hanging around the statues. The bastards must have been keeping eyes on you. They haven’t seen you yet and it looks like you can take them. Might as well get it done with!


The scenario is an Assault against a Positioned enemy as per the core Rules. Either negotiate placement of terrain between the two of you or appoint a 3rd party to set up the board.

  • 3 statues are positioned around the board.  As detailed in the journal, the attacker may perform an easy decode interaction to copy a portion of the map from a statue.  Complete interactions on 2 statues to complete the objectivethen get off the table.

Hue and Cry

Once during the game the defender may bring a card of Local Militia onto the table by passing a simple persuade interact action while within command range of a table edge. The local militia appear at the beginning of the next round within the command range of the Capo who called them and under the players control.


The winner of the game receives the Work Party card, The Shortcut card, and 2 random cards from The True Renaissance Man deck. If the defender wins they are also expected to have managed to pilfer the journal in the chaos!

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