Tweak of the Week: Capo Actions and Activating Troops

Do you like more unforgiving command and control mechanics? Try this!

Capos ordering troops to take an action still uses one of the Capo’s actions, even if the Capo does not take part in the action. So ordering troops to shoot or reload would still cost the Capo actions as well as virtue, even if they are not part of the action.

This was something we experimented with during development. It pushes for more Capos in a force and each commanding a specific kind of force rather than multi-tasking command Capos. We ended up going with the current rules in the end as we wanted to allow for more feasible options in force creation rather than pushing people in a specific direction. But if you like the idea that it takes times and therefore actions to give commands and manage troops, than this is a great tweak for you to play with.

What do you think of the tweak? Like it? should it have been in the core rules or is it good as an add on? Did we miss something? Let us know on Discord and Facebook!

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