Get that Donkey!

You ready for some crazy donkey hijinks? Well one of our players Evan Callaway sent in this scenario using randomly moving donkeys and searching them for hidden treasure!

The Scene

Your company has was employed to protect a mercenary convoy and it seemed like an easy job until crossbow bolts started thudding into the ground around you. Some hectic and panicked minutes of returned fire and desperate hand to hand combat later and peace returns. Then all of a sudden your fat merchant employer crawls out from under the cart where he’s been hiding to ask “where are the donkeys? I hid all the money in a pack saddle! You turn to ask Gianni who was tasked with watching the pack saddles what happened only to see him also crawling out from under the same wagon. One of the other men las saw the donkeys high tailing it to the north. After some searching you find the donkeys… but so have the bandits… well here goes nothing!


This game is Assault against an Advancing opponent as per the core rules.

  • One player sets up the table and drops 3 dice in the middle of the table and these are replaced by donkeys
  • The other player may then choose which board side he wants to deploy from and the enemy deploys opposite.
  • Donkeys have 2 virtue, 2 faith, and 1 action. After both players have passed but before the turn ends the donkeys do a 2 virtue movement. We used speed as the donkeys are frightened, but mixing the speed crit fail and the audacity crit success would probably have worked better. They will move directly away from models within 4″ or will otherwise move in a random direction. If a donkey has burnt its last virtue it will collapse and will spend a single action trying to rally.
  • A simple interaction lets you search a donkey. The first donkey has a 1/3 chance of having the treasure. The second search has a 1/2 chance.
  • You can kill the donkeys. They have 5+ armour, 4+ wound, 4+ to hit and will fight back with both their virtue. When a Donkey is forced to burn a virtue by failing an armour save it will automatically run 2d6 inches directly forward. You still must search a dead donkey, but a dead donkey won’t run away.

This is what Evan had to say

For this game we decided that we been involved in an attack on a merchant caravan, but three pack donkeys escaped. We happened to know that one of them carries a valuable treasure but we didn’t know which it was specifically. We had a really fun game. We both had moments where we chose to get base to base with each other’s crossbows to avoid point blank shots and then the crossbows fought unreasonably well in melee combat. Each side managed to search a donkey that didn’t have the treasure and the final donkey ran off the table with the treasure still in its pack! The Landsknechts may have held the field at the end of the game but they weren’t getting paid.

What do you think? Are randomly moving donkeys something you want as a scenario card? Do you have other similar scenarios that you loved that you want to tell us about? Tell us on Facebook and Discord!

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